Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A fresh start,

Looking back at my research the one particular post that reminded me of movement was the following:

I selected an area which I particularly found very peaceful in the barbican as my site:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Movement and Sound

Movement of trees through wind:

movement of sunflowers:

Motion in water :

motion in architecture :

Test with sound of water:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

think think think!

So after watching the walls collapse in this series i started thinking how i could generate the same effect in reality using magnetism and sound. After some tweaking and testing I came up with the following design in which the motion of the walls could be controlled by sound.

However not being completely impressed I decided to go back to barbican for some inspiration. Slowly sipping on my coffee I realised that the ceiling had almost a grid like structure to it.

Having seen this instance I came across the following artists work.

I then started to look at everything through a grid sort of view.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Target: Sky

Electromagnet structure: Using my research from the past I wanted to come up with a design for an alien structure (Ufo). My interest and research in Sci-Fi opened a wide rang of options for me but I decided to start from scratch.
As a kid I used to make paper planes and fool around but never really understood the concept behind all those bends and folds on a piece of paper simply to make it float for a few extra seconds before it crashed. The understanding of aerodynamics changes that thinking all together.

The pointy tip of the paper plane is actually a brilliant system to cut through air. Remember playing darts? The wings on the side help maintain balance. But any one knows this. However, what we don't see is the connection here with egyptian pyramids. Ever wondered why the pyramids were in the shape they are?
Going back to the magnetic properties of ancient objects described by David Hamel makes me think if the pyramids could be used in the anti gravity technique explored in the previous page.

Going back to the kind of ufo's we see online, the peculiar shape, if using antigravity properties, makes sense on how it may work but i'm not sure how the aero dynamics work there.

In movies they look more like architectural structures.

Going back to the very start of this project where everything started with the idea of fortification I recently saw a building back home that was covered in scaffolding. The idea of something being covered itself reminded me of fortification.

The reason I used this scaffolding is simple. Fantasy spaceships are fortified too! They have life support systems that keep renewing, and if damaged the areas that are breached get blocked, they have force fields to protect against space assault and many other layers for protection of life on board! I like scaffolding!!

Motion as a viewer -The so called youtube expression "ufo caught on camera" shows us that the naked eye can barely catch the movement of a all the above factors could very well be only true fantasy.

Alien Spaceships interior's in films are generally circular corridors leading from one part of the ship to another. Now that I don't understand. The interior is like walking though huge pipes.

Based on the above material I'll come up with a structure that could work well as an electromagnet.


David Hamel spoke about the use of materials naturally available to us on earth, to build a space ships, Magnets are one of the biggest things that surround our planet. Every planet has its own magnetic field which creates gravity and hence the use of magnetism in Ufo's and alien technology makes sense to me. Experimenting with magnets will give a new face to my project about aliens. The use of some anti - gravity with ferro fluid could give some great results. I'm looking at using the right frequency to create electromagnets which could be in the form of a sculpture or installation that would react to the chemical reaction of liquid nitrogen, non newtonian fluid and ferro fluid. If i'am able to control these electromagnets to turn on and off then i'd be able to control the reaction to the magnets too. Ok now i'm excited!